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THE PLAN FOR QUEBEC By Otto Kretzmer, Sunday, 16 April 2006, a post of the blogspot entitled LE COMPLOT CONTRE LE QUEBEC. Originally posted on Sunday, April 16, 2006 in French as Le plan pour le Québec by Otto Kretzmer. With brief additions from other articles of Mr. Kretzmer.  English translation by Kathleen Moore for Habeas Corpus Canada.  Note: In translating this article, I take no position on religion, except to attempt to convey the concerns of the article's original author, Otto Kretzmer; and except to acknowledge absolutely the Constitutional nature for French Canadians of their entrenched right to their historic Catholic religion.

Translator's subtitle:  
The Communist Parentage of Quebec Separatism

And now, Mr. Otto Kretzmer:


The idea of separatism in Quebec has been part of a communist plan to overthrow Quebec and Canada. With a foothold in Quebec, communism could take all of Canada as well. Independence is a communist-Marxist strategy to take power in a country. We have this example in a number of countries: separations in Vietnam, in Algeria, in Biafra, in Korea, in Bengla-Desh, in Pakistan, etc.

The Canadian Council of Protestant Churches, with its headquarters in Toronto, published a small brochure in 1969 entitled "Quebec's Impending Fate Communist State?"  (Le Québec deviendra-t-il un Etat communiste?) It is quite useful to re-read these extracts in 2005; we will therefore quote a few paragraphs from that brochure.

[Re-translating into English, for lack of a copy of the brochure:]
Credit: image found at NoDogsorAnglophones.
"The most militant Zone in Canada for communist activity is the Province of Quebec. The first goal adopted at the convention of the Communist Party of Quebec held in Montreal in 1967, was: "The establishment in Quebec, in Canada, and in the entire world, of a socialist society, and finally of a communist society.
Noting that their goals accord with the efforts of other revolutionary communist groups throughout the world, the convention proclaimed:
"This is an institution of the internationalism of the international proletariat, a science that the Communist Party of Quebec adopts proudly and which will guide us in our battle."
The December 1967 Communist Manifesto of Quebec is an appeal to militants to establish first, a socialist state, by armed revolution if necessary, so as to finally arrive at communist dictatorship.
The Communist Party of Quebec declares in its Manifesto: 
"The Communist Party of Quebec is the Marxist-Leninist Worker's Party."
This declaration has great significance. It identifies the Communist Party of Quebec with a tentacle of the World Communist Party, guilty of massacres, and the worst criminal atrocities against the peoples it has subjected to slavery. It represents the butchery of a hundred million persons whose only crime was to express their confidence in our democratic way of life, or who questioned the right of a small minority to impose their absolute will on the great majority.
This communist Quebec Manifesto sets out a plan of political and social action.  This plan includes a new federal constitution, and a new constitution for Quebec, the right to self-determination for Quebec, and the privilege to separate from Canada if necessary."
Separating Quebec from the rest of Canada is thus a plan of the Communist Party of Quebec, a plan announced in their Manifesto, a communist plan of conquest for Quebec and for the whole of Canada.  Do not think that communism is dead and buried, even if some countries have succeeded in liberating themselves from this infernal slavery. Communism seeks to foment revolutions in countries to weaken the strength of their peoples, and to finally arrive at a world communist government. The Parti Québécois enters into the plans of the Communist Party of Quebec.

Image: Pierre Bourgault and René Lévesque in 1974 from: Octobre 1968, les «purs et durs» s'imposent déjà lors de la fondation du PQ
False Patriotism

The separatists say they are ardent defenders of the French language, of our culture, of our Quebec identity. However, they dissociate our culture from our Catholic faith transmitted by our ancestors. They are hardly concerned with the safeguard of Catholicism in Quebec. Their goal is to permanently annihilate it.  These ardent "independentists" preach patriotism to us in every key, but they themselves work to achieve an atheistic and anticlerical communist plan, whether they know it or not.

In the name of false patriotism, they carry the Quebec people toward separation, which will spawn a bloody revolution, a civil war.  Separatism flows from socialist-Marxist ideology.  Those who fight the battle for separation in Quebec are not patriots, but veiled communists.

Marxist Constitutions

A great deal is heard about the preparation of a new federal constitution and a new constitution for Quebec*, about the "right to self-determination for Quebec", a certain "sovereignty". These changes correspond strangely with the 1967 Manifesto of the Communist Party of Quebec. Will Ottawa itself contribute to separating Quebec from Canada?  Is the provocation of a civil war a part of the plot?  Is the desire to establish atheistic, Marxist and communist constitutions in Quebec and in Canada to lead us into a tyrannical world government?

Canada and all the Provinces are the slaves of Big Business. This is the real problem. Our governments, from the biggest to the smallest, are weighted down with public debt.  When will they break loose these chains of banker dictatorship and stop genuflecting at the feet of the money men to borrow numbers?  The thing to be changed in the federal and provincial constitutions is to detach Canada and the Provinces from High Finance, our common enemy. The law which empowers banks and private institutions to create money must be abolished.

It is also important to realize that the concept or the word "communism" is employed as a mask for the New World Order, which was begun by the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and continues unabated up to the present.

The energies and the idealism of the working people are used by the protectors of such revolutions - the Big Bankers - to demolish what has been created methodically by generations before us.  At the price of blood and destruction, the power of the Bankers is expanded and consolidated, whereas, the proletariates increasingly find themselves worse off than they were at the start. They face the prospect of nothing less than slavery.

Image: Charles Gagnon, one of
two FLQ terrorist leaders.
In my first article, (says Kretzmer) I described without proving it, that it [communism] is the separatist movement, whether in Quebec or in any other part of the world. As for Quebec separatists, I personally knew a member of the FLQ, Charles Gagnon, who had always been a communist.  I don't know what has become of him, because I lost touch with him ages ago.

There have been various separatist movements in Quebec, but I am going to focus above all, at first, on the RIN and its former President, the now deceased Pierre Bourgault.  The anglophone reader or anyone who doesn't know the history of Quebec will indeed be surprised by certain facts and certain declarations.  That is  expected, it's normal.

Credit: Image found at Communist Party of Quebec blog
All those organizations that mobilized the “Parti-Pris” and the "Révolution Québécoise" magazines as the front line of their advance, used the nationalism (including the respectable nationalism) of the French Canadians to launch the communist revolution in Quebec.

For these organizations, separatism – one should more properly say: "the tactic of independence" is only a means to their ends, a "Trojan horse" at the service of the aspirations of Moscow (or of Peking!) to a world hegemony.  By way of illustration, let's see what we can read on this subject in the September, 1964 issue of “Révolution Québécoise":
"Just as every imperialist war must be transformed into a civil war to overthrow the power of the culpable ruling classes, in the same way EVERY nationalist movement must be transformed into a socialist movement to liberate the working classes" (page 35)
We know that excellent Christians have been deceived by the RIN-PQ-BQ* and their false gloss of patriotism. However, other than Mister Bourgault who repeated to all who would listen that an "independent" Quebec would be socialist, the apologia that one reads in the Marxist magazine “Révolution Québécoise," as made by the RIN's official publication, L'ndépendance (November 1964, p. 7), must provide sufficient reason to all true patriots and Christians of Quebec to oppose the PQ-BQ-RIN by total refusal, in both words and acts.  Here is an excerpt from the official mouthpiece of the RIN, L'ndépendance (November 1964):
A new magazine just came out: “Révolution Québécoise," run by Pierre Vallières (a former Felquist {FLQ terrorist}), who left the team of "Cité Libre" – Pierre Elliot Trudeau was part of the team at Cité Libre – to participate in the building of a free city up to the measure of our era:  the one that a (liberated!) Quebec will form tomorrow in which all property will be absolutely redistributed (!!) This magazine (Révolution Québécoise) is an addition to the several avant-garde magazines born in Québec the past few years, and must take its place on the bookshelf of every independentist whose heartfelt desire is to be informed on the economic and cultural problems of Québec."
The official magazine of the RIN-PQ-BQ* thus suggests that every independentist read a review which is self-identified as communist-Leninist. It therefore seems futile to insist on pointing out, when it's so easy to recognize, the ideology which has inspired the RIN-PQ-BQ each in its turn.  However, it is necessary to return to the subject in order to examine, more closely this time, the RIN, the "Rassemblement Pour l'Indépendance Nationale" (the Rally for National Independence).

Pierre Bourgault, the former President of the RIN, toured Quebec. He was received officially in some towns, in some Catholic seminairies, and he even held public meetings in a well known Dominican monastery in Montreal.  Here, then, is the gist of it.

The RIN and the Revolution

In its October 10th, 1964 edition, the Montreal daily newspaper “Le Devoir” published a long article on page 4 under "Reader's Opinion" entitled: "The Independence of Quebec” ("L'indépendance du Québec”).  This article permits us to trace the goals pursued by the RIN-PQ-BQ.  To be clear, and to keep it short, we have taken the liberty of extracting only the most significant passages from this article. Here they are:
"Independentist parties and movements, which are proliferating in Québec, endorse opposing theories, according to which they describe themselves as left or right. Some of them claim to be the champions of independence; but in studying their writings we perceive that their real ultimate goal is revolution via the scientific socialism of Karl Marx. To drive us to this goal, they use as "research themes and as battle cries: socialism, secularism and independence". I refer in particular to the magazines Parti-Pris and L'Indépendance, the latter being the official organ of the RIN.
In support of this grave accusation, here are a few typical excerpts, which are merely a fraction of those we could cite. A special edition of Parti-Pris was published on September 1st, 1964. The "manifesto" begins with a report of Marx on the Revolution; then, at page 12, we read:
"Independence, which was a goal, becomes a preliminary, a necessary step in the revolutionary conflict which exceeds it and amplifies it".
We will see that the realness, the authenticity of the independentist idea resides in the political thought and practise of the Left." (page 23)
"Trained in the school of Sartre, which is that of Marxism-Leninism, we are agreed upon the necessity to use, as research and battle themes,  socialism, secularism and independence." (p. 36).
"The recognition of the RIGHT to believe that religion is an evil" both follows and precedes the tirades of the priests." (p. 30).
L'Indépendance – the magazine of the RIN, and Parti-Pris (2) get along very well, even if, for public consumption, they keep a certain distance between them. For example, in Parti-Pris the current President of the RIN, Mister Pierre Bourgault, published his political and electoral program on December 3rd, 1963. But, it is in the July 1964 issue of L'Indépendance at page 2, 2nd column, that we read:
Image: Electoral campaign poster of candidate
Pierre Bourgault of the RIN (1966)

"It is time to recall that independence is a means that must bring us to social and working-class revolution.
The revolutionary party that achieves independence will, for example, abolish the two-party system..." (p. 6).

Then we will publicly recommend, and above all accomplish, the separation – the great work – of the spiritual from the temporal, of the Church from the State" (p. 2)."

This extract may seem long to some readers, but it was necessary. It reveals the communist parentage of the separatist movement in Québec and the place occupied within it by the RIN-PQ-BQ.

Tactics of the RIN

In December of 1964, Mr. Bourgault returned from a "thrilling tour" of Québec. That's even the title of the article he wrote in RIN's magazine that same month. In that article, he declared, most notably:
"Past violence is detrimental to our present action, and it is not in the name of principles that we denounce it, but in the name of efficiency.”
How do we interpret this?  An about-face?  A conversion?

No: because "past violence" is not denounced "in the name of principles", which is to say in the name of the immutable commandments that come from God, or by reference to genuine ethics, but solely "in the name of efficiency." Yesterday, violence might have been useful, today, No!!  Because we [I mean, the RIN] ]have perceived that the Quebec people still have a solid ethical sense in this era, and that, accordingly, recourse to the mere idea of “violence" is unpopular. And on account of this, it undermines the work of the RIN.  But tomorrow? Tomorrow, maybe, violence could be used. All depends on the greatest efficacy.

And then the bombs flew just about everywhere and we had the tragic murder of Pierre Laporte.

To show how well anchored was the thought of Mister Bourgault in the realm of the communist dialectic, it would be useful to quote two extracts from an article on "The True Nature of Communism" by Jean Daujat:
Image: Daujat
"Most of our contemporaries," writes Mr. Daujat, "have no idea how to react to communism because they don't know it, which leads them into it, or allows them to be used by it.  They are especially totally led astray by the perpetual contradictions of the communists, who often say and do the opposite today of what they said and and did the day before, which induces one and another to marvel at how they have changed their ways. This non-comprehension of Marxism has grave consequences ...
" ... Because, for such a philosophy (Marxist), the only consideration that counts is material power, efficacity; the only rule is to say or to do whatever the moment requires, more efficacious and more powerful. There is no place for truth, for good, or for justice to intervene.
Whatever a true communist says or writes is never the teaching of a truth, which is something that makes no sense to him, but propaganda to carry off an action:  it will consist not in saying what is true, but whatever more efficiently serves the action to be exercised.
It is therefore absurd to say, as some do, that one can collaborate in an action practised by communists without adopting Marxist doctrine. Because communism is not at all the teaching of a doctrine, but the action exerted by the communist himself." (Jean Daujat: The True Nature of Communism)
"Past violence is detrimental to our present action," writes Mr. Bourgault, "and it is not in the name of principles that we denounce it, but in the name of efficiency.”  This simple phrase can tell us a great deal about the philosophy of the separatist movement. Did not Lenin write: Marxism must take account of living reality, precise facts, and not cling to a theory of yesterday. Our doctrine is not a dogma, but a rule of action (Lenin, Works XXIV).

Who Was Pierre Bourgault?

Image: Pierre Bourgault
In May of 1964, Mister Pierre Bourgault publicly confessed his agnosticism in MacLean's Magazine (p. 44). He renewed this public confession on television networks; he reaffirmed it at Alma in Lake Saint-Jean to the regional press; and finally at Valleyfield over the airwaves of the local radio station.

During this interview granted to the Valleyfield press on November 17th, 1964, a journalist read to Mister Bourgault what the Vatican Council had ruled in respect to agnosticism:
"If someone says that the only true God, our Lord and Creator, is unknowable in the light of reason through the things he has made, that he be excommunicated."
To which Mister Bourgault replied:  "I could be wicked and answer you like Jean-Paul Sartre: Je ne communias déjà plus!" [Literal translation: I will no longer take communion]

Let us not forget that one day or another, every man, every ideology, every social institution or human society must speak for or against the Church. The separatist movement chose its side and it has never sidetracked.  Let's re-read attentively the extract reported in I'indépendance (July 1964).  The official mouthpiece of the RIN writes:
"Then we will publicly recommend, and above all accomplish, the separation – the great work – of the spiritual from the temporal, of the Church from the State" (p. 2) What are we to think?
The Christian citizen naturally knows that it is not society, but man, which has an immortal soul. It follows from that fact that society (along with its government) is made for man, and, that man is made for God. In this light, the suggestion of the separatist movement which says “publicly recommend, and above all accomplish, the separation – the great work – of the spiritual from the temporal, of the Church from the State" cannot but recall the famous statement of Lenin: "God is the personal enemy of communist society."

To impose "the separation – the great work – of the spiritual from the temporal, of the Church from the State" upon a human society is at basis to compel a man practically to separate his body from his soul, because one is temporal and the other is spiritual!  And it is not because they want to establish a simple distinction between the spiritual and the temporal, but they demand a great separation, a break, and "above all," "to accomplish this" does not go without violence nor terrorism. Lenin made no effort to hide it when he said: 
"Millions of excrements, defilements, violences, sicknesses, pestilences, are much less to be feared than the most subtle, the most refined, and the most invisible idea of God! God is the most personal enemy of Communist Society."
The vehement opposition of Holy Pope Pius Xth to this doctrine is well explained thus:
"[translation of Kretzmer's French:] that it is necessary to separate the Church from the State", he wrote, "is an absolutely false thesis, a very pernicious error. Based, in effect, on this principle, that the State must recognize no religious practice, it is first of all gravely injurious for God; because the Creator of man is also the Founder of human societies, and he maintains them in existence just as he does us. We owe him not only our private worship, but public and social honor."
One thing must be clarified: secularism – or secular humanism – is a recognized religion according to a judgment of the Supreme Court of the United States.  When the Liberals and the free-thinkers gild the pill for us, in speaking to us of pseudo-neutrality, they knowingly lie. Neutrality exists nowhere in the universe. These are the refrains of the Quebec Secular Movement which have given the order to the Governments of Quebec and of Canada to remove ancestral rights, rights conferred by the Constitution, concerning the teaching of Catholicism and Protestantism in Quebec schools.

The Quebec Secular Movement is also behind homosexual marriage or civil union. The Quebec Secular Movement is the true gouvernement du Québec, not the useless Quebec Legislature, stuffed with hypocrites who love to shake hands, appear in public and fly around in limousines.

The RIN, to give to its position the semblance of orthodoxy, readily spreads the idea among its members that it is necessary to liberate religion from politics; in fact, it proposed exactly the opposite: to "liberate" politics from religion!  And that's called secularism. But, secularism is a religion called Freemasonry.
"In the lives of states themselves," writes Pope Pius XII in this regard, the strength and the weakness of men, sin and grace, play a capital role. The politics of the 20th Century can't ignore it, nor admit that one persists in the error of wanting to separate the state from religion in the name of a secularism that the facts have not been able to justify" (Christmas, 1956).
No! "The Catholic Church will never allow itself to be enclosed within the four walls of the temple! The separation of religion from life, and of the Church from the world, is contrary to Christian and Catholic doctrine!" (Pius XII).

It is therefore easy to see that the revolutionary doctrine of the separatist movement is "contrary to Christian and Catholic doctrine"; which is, because of this fact, "an absolutely false thesis, very gravely injurious for God, Creator of Man and founder of human societies". And, it is rigorously logical to conclude that every devoted Catholic must make it his business to put his hatred for error and his love for truth into open battle in full light of day, against such an ideology!

I will conclude by reporting the public declaration (just one among many) of Mr. Bourgault, published in LaPresse, of which he was then an Editor, on February 3rd, 1964 (page 17). It's a report of a meeting held the previous evening of February 2nd at the Champagnat school.
"These cryptic zones proliferate, cryptics of centralization, of bilingualism, but also cryptics of betrayal, of intermediate bodies, of bishops and of embezzlers of public funds."
Mister Bourgault thus quite simply lumps together the bishops and the embezzlers of public funds, which has nonetheless not prevented him from being received by certain of our Catholic colleges.  The former president of the RIN was a man who disliked – as he readily admitted – mixing religion with politics, nor with his own life, yet he never shied away from vilifying the Church in its own public assemblies!

What is the real goal of the separatist movement?

We have seen clearly, despite the distance these two movements prudently kept between them, (to assure the efficacy of their action upon the public) that the RIN closely pursued the same goals as the Marxist team of the Parti Pris.
Seeking means capable of achieving the Revolution, Marx found misery", wrote Rosenberg. Without a doubt, had he lived in Quebec in 1965, Marx would have found "independentism".  And the question returns: What is the real goal of the separatist movement?
The answer: "It is time to recall." as written in the July 1964 issue of L'Indépendance, "that independence is a means that must bring us to social and working-class revolution".

And there it is.  The real, the only, goal of the separatist movement!  And it is not by chance that this is the goal of the World Communist Party:  Stalin declared to the 7th world congress of the Comintern:
"All the detours, all the zigzags of our policy have but one goal and one goal only: world Revolution!”
Once again, it is clear that a true Catholic must not join the ranks of the separatist movement, if he really wishes to remain Catholic.

[Summarizing]: A Few Statements from the President of the RIN

With respect to the Quebec people:
"Give me 5% of the Quebec population, and I'll take it where I want because the other 95% are sleeping."
– Pierre Bourgault at Alma, in the church basement of St-Sacrement on November 2nd, 1964
"Despite history, despite English, despite the noteworthies, and a little bit also despite ourselves, alas!, the Quebecois people have stayed French.  I had violently returned.  This people had no need of directives to affirm its French pride in the face of the whole world".
– Pierre Bourgault

Concerning terrorism:
"But, if Michelle Duclos preferred the cause of the blacks, I understand her. As for me, if I were a black, I would have long ago made them all jump"
– Pierre Bourgault, February 21st, 1965, Paul Sauvé Arena

Concerning social ethics:
"Past violence is detrimental to our present action, and it is not in the name of principles that we denounce it, but in the name of efficiency.”
– Pierre Bourgault in "L'Indépendance" December 1964

Concerning religion:
"I could be wicked and answer you like Jean-Paul Sartre: Je ne communias déjà plus!"
– Pierre Bourgault in an interview taped on November 17th, 1964 at Valleyfield at the local radio station

Concerning his adversaries:
"These cryptic zones proliferate, cryptics of centralization, of bilingualism, but also cryptics of betrayal, of intermediate bodies, of bishops and of embezzlers of public funds."
– Pierre Bourgault, 2 February 1964, Ecole Champagnat
"Because the truly socialist parties have never been able to seize power in any country whatsoever except in the course of a civil war"

– said "Parti-Pris", coming to the point.
Let me say it again, clearly.  "Parti-Pris" was a communist magazine. Moreover, they did not hide this and they wrote openly of it in their September 1964 edition:
"Marxism, to which we ascribe, is not a catechism, but above all, a method of analysis and of work required for us put it into operation in Québec."
Which is why Mister Bourgault, past president of the RIN, published his “political and electoral programme” in a magazine which openly advertised itself as Marxist-Leninist.

This ideal of a break between the spiritual and the temporal is the core of the Revolution (with a capital "R"). It is very instructive to read what Stalin had to say in this regard:
In realizing such a separation (of Church and State) and in proclaiming freedom of religion, we have at the same time reserved to every citizen (read: to the Communist Party) the "right" to fight for this conviction through propaganda and through unrest... against all religion" (Voprosy, Leninism, Leningrad 1932, pp- 285-286).*
We are seeing it ever more clearly, the secessionist movement and the Communist Party are converging toward one and the same goal: the Revolution.

- 30 -


* Dr. John Laughland considers that the European Union essentially embodies Marxist ideology ("The European Union: a Marxist Utopia?". Quebec "separatist" parties have, for decades, attempted not to "secede" by referendum, but to extract a mandate to negotiate the imposition on Quebec and on all of Canada of the EU system.  The EU system therefore appears to be the veiled communist system, emerging progressively.  The use of Quebec to force the system onto all of Canada would then result in a new Marxist "federal constitution, and a new Marxist constitution for Quebec".  See my blog post of 14 October 2009: "Sarkozy Scamming Quebec's Hoodwinked Separatists".  KM/HCC.

* "PQ" is the acronym for Parti Québécois, a Quebec provincial "party" founded formally in 1968 by communist, René Lévesque (it was actually planned by others), and typically labeled "separatist" by press and media.  However, "separatist" is a misnomer. The platform of the Parti Québécois has always been to impose the European system on all of Canada in place of Confederation.  "Separatism" is merely a threat of UDI (unilateral declaration of independence) to destroy Canada, as blackmail to force the rest of Canada to accept the European system.  Therefore, Mr. Kretzmer's understanding of the Quebec Communist Party Manifesto appears to be on the right track: the attempt by Lévesque in 1980, and then by Jacques Parizeau in 1995 is to impose a new, ultimately "Marxist" Constitution on Quebec, and on all of Canada: the European Union system.  A 1991 interview with Parizeau and then-Premier of Quebec Robert Bourassa shows that both are already quite conversant with the notion of a common North American Parliament.  Bourassa, a "Liberal", a label Canadians have been trained to identify as "fighting against separatists", actually passed a law in 1991, Bill 150, compelling a referendum for Quebec to secede by a fixed date in 1992. That law, however, was blackmail to attempt to force all Canadians to accept so-called "amendments" to the federal Constitution presented as the Charlottetown Accord to "keep Quebec in Canada".  But, in reality, the proposed amendments were a ruse to appear to harmonize Canada with "international law" that emerged from the Badinter Commission during the overthrow and breakup of Yugoslavia. Had Charlottetown passed, Quebec would have "seceded" and used UDI to force the EU system on Canada.  I wrote about this in my 2008 Federal Elections newsletter:  "NO ONE TO VOTE FOR Federal Elections - Canada"
 When former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev visited Britain in 2000, he described the European Union as "the new European Soviet."  Others, including former Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, American Charlotte Iserbyt and Lithuanian-American Vilius Brazenas, equate the EU system with the basis of a nascent world Soviet system.  Still others identify the EU as being essentially Marxist in ideology ("The European Union: a Marxist Utopia?" by Dr. John Laughland, Online publication date: 2011-04-20).

* "BQ" is the acronym for Bloc Québécois, a so-called 'federal' 'separatist' party founded in approximately 1990 when a handful of mostly former Liberals and former Conservatives who had crossed the floor two to five months earlier to sit as independents, crossed the floor again inside Parliament to sit – we are told – as 'separatists'.  However, the agitations of this party since its founding have been designed to help get Quebec out of Confederation by intimidating Canadians into accepting the European system in lieu of threatened "break-up". Again, it is a misnomer and thus misleading to call these parties "separatist". They are not "separatist".  They are communist parties hiding behind separatist ideology.

Like the Parti Québécois, the Bloc Québécois wants a European-style union.  Their recent past leader, Gilles Duceppe, admitted on camera on 30 April 2011 that he wants "a good constitution, like they have in Europe". He wants a North American Union including a "sovereign" Quebec.  In other words, the communists have targeted all of North America, and apparently they have counterparts in the U.S.A. who are ready and willing to give it to them, though this would necessitate the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution, Congress and the White House. It is worth noticing that there is a "secession" movement in the USA at precisely the same time that Duceppe is making this declaration. It's called the "Tenth Amendment Movement" by which 38+ States have filed formal declarations intending to 'secede' from their federal government and destroy the USA because of federal encroachment on States' constitutional rights.  I wrote about this in my blog post of 27 June 2011, "Taking America Down for Globalism in the Name of Patriotism"

* "The official magazine of the RIN-PQ-BQ" – I now don't know what Mr. Kretzmer means. "BQ" appears to refer to the Bloc Quebecois which arrived on the scene as of 1990.  The Bloc could therefore not have been involved in the 1960s with the RIN and the PQ.  Was it a typographical error to have included the BQ in the Kretzmer article?  Or does BQ stand for still something else that I'm not yet aware of?

Gilles Duceppe, recent former leader for over 20 years of the "separatist" Bloc Québécois (an illegal party in the federal Parliament) was a colleague of FLQ terrorist leader Charles Gagnon. Duceppe wrote for Gagnon's communist magazine "En Lutte!" (Struggle!).  See my translation "Has the Far Left Hijacked the Quebec Sovereignty Movement?" under my general title: "Communist Links of the NDP and the Bloc Québécois".

As Mr. Kretzmer notes above, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was part of the team at the magazine, Cité Libre. More importantly, Trudeau and other important federal figures in the "Quebec secession" scheme, including Gérard Pelletier, Jean Marchand, and René Lévesque, were also a part of Cité Libre and, thereby, colleagues of the second of two FLQ terrorist leaders, Pierre Vallières, who acted as Director of Cité Libre in the early 1960s around the time Vallières met Gagnon and the FLQ bombings began in Quebec.

René Lévesque founding the Parti
Québécois, a fake "separatist" party designed
to impose the EU system on Canada
disguised as Quebec "sovereignty".
The FLQ had been set up by Fidel Castro, who met Belgian immigrant to Montreal, Georges Schoeters during Castro's visit to Canada on 26 April 1959. Castro later brought Schoeters to Cuba where he trained him to organize the FLQ. Castro also trained some of the terrorists handpicked by Schoeters.  In the photo below, we see René Lévesque, the year before he entered politics with the Liberals, interviewing Castro on the very same day that Castro linked up with Schoeters.  FLQ terror would be the springboard and the pretext for a "political" settlement of the "complaints" of the FLQ about conditions in Quebec. Had it been Lévesque who originated the idea of the "separatist" party which would fight it out with the rest of Canada in negotiations after a referendum, that would be sufficiently odd, given Lévesque's link to the man who set up the FLQ in the first place: Castro.  However, it was a group of mostly Liberals, federal ministers from Quebec in the government of Lester Pearson, who decreed that a "separatist" party should be erected. Those men included, notably, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Gérard Pelletier and Jean Marchand, all three recruited by Pearson to "fight separatism". But, strangely, the "separatist" party they decided should be set up to "fight separatism" in a referendum, actually had as its platform the "negotiation" of the European Economic Community (EU) system to replace Confederation.  This is the very system viewed today as increasingly Soviet, and as Marxist in nature. Who would decree that a "separatist" party be set up so that "separatism" could be "fought" in a referendum?  A secret committee of Power Corporation would, and did, in 1967, led by Claude Frenette, a Liberal with close ties to Trudeau and a Power Corp. executive and right-had man to Paul Desmarais.  Power Corporation in 2010 is headquarters of the Rhodes Scholarships for Quebec (a free education in promotion of world government).  And more importantly, Power Corporation is a founding member of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives which authored the Building A North American Community report of 2005 outlining the creation of a North American Community on the pretext of the September 11th, 2001 "terrorist attacks", and published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the U.S. branch of the network involved in the Cecil Rhodes society, and whose "sister institute" in Canada is the Canadian International Council (CIC), on whose Board and Senate we find Power Corporation.

Again, despite the steadfast complicity of press and media pretending that Quebec, led by "separatists," was attempting to "secede," the real subject of the referendum was not secession, but the imposition on all of Canada of the EU system.  René Lévesque ultimately "founded" that "separatist" party, the Parti Québécois, which has been used ever since to attempt to force the European Union system onto Canada in place of Confederation.

Journalist René Lévesque interviews Fidel Castro in Montreal on 26 April
1959 for his show Point de Mire. Behind Lévesque: Jean-Claude Dupras of the Youth
Chamber of Commerce. Foreground, far right: criminal lawyer Raymond Daoust, organized
Castro's visit. There is a cropped version of this image at Dupras's personal web site.
Lawyer, Raymond Daoust
Castro's trip to Montreal on 26 April 1959 (when he connected with Schoeters) was organized by Raymond Daoust, a criminal lawyer, according to the caption under the same photo (above) in a biography entitled René Lévesque - Un enfant du siècle 1922-1960, by Pierre Godin. It is unclear whether Daoust was working for the mafia at that time; however, Daoust is ultimately identified as a lawyer for the Vic Cotroni mafia family and also in circumstances suggesting that he, himself, was a part of the mob. In 1963, when twenty-three FLQ terrorists were picked up and charged, some of them, including Raymond Villeneuve, hired criminal lawyer Daoust to conduct their defense. It is therefore quite odd that Daoust should have organized Castro's trip to Montreal on the very day in 1959 when Castro connected with Schoeters, who was used to set up the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) terrorists; and that Daoust himself, three or four years later – at which date he is known as a lawyer for Cotroni – would end up defending some of the terrorists, one of whose leaders – Pierre Vallières, is a colleague of Trudeau, and of the two other man recruited by Lester Pearson to join the Liberals to "fight" these same terrorists whom they call "separatists" .... although, they are clearly not "separatists" but communists.  And in the process of "fighting" them, he, Trudeau, the defender of Canada, will facilitate their attempted imposition of what is apparently the economic basis of a world-wide communist system: for the 1980 referendum proposes to replace Confederation with the European Economic Community system, which today we see as the European Union with special status at the U.N.

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Thursday, 1 September 2011


Original French Title:  "PARTI COMMUNISTE" [COMMUNIST PARTY] by Éric Duhaime
Original publication and date:  Le Journal de Québec, 15 August 2011

A mega-gathering of the radical left will be held this weekend in St-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez, in Lanaudière [Quebec, Canada]. The "17th Alternative Days 2011" presents a shocking program of events.

On the menu, presentations by our local Left, from new president of the CSN, Louis Roy, to the leader of "Project Montreal", Richard Bergeron, by way of New Democratic [NDP] Neo-MP, Alexander Boulerice, not to forget the representatives of United Quebec, the FTQ and other labour unions.


What is shocking about this conference on "human rights" is the presence of Leonel Gonzales, coordinator of international relations for the Parliament of Cuba, and Theresita Sotolongo Vicente, Cuba's Ambassador to Canada.

Guest speaker Gonzalez is former Director of the Workers Central of Cuba, a puppet organization which holds the monopoly over representation of Cuban workers.

Cuba does not recognize the right to collective bargaining, nor to strike. Movements of the self-employed are illegal. The true union leaders are thrown into prison, persecuted, or worse, confined in secret.

Rather than reporting these excesses, the Quebec Left invites the autocrats of the regime to join them in denouncing capitalism, and to sing the communist International under the supervision of Castro's representative in Canada.


That's not all. The Leftist activists will also listen to Noel Marquez of the Council of Social Movements of ALBA, an organization created by Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro to broadcast their death-to-liberty ideology in Latin America, and which maintains links with terrorist Marxist groups such as FARC and the Shining Path.

Right to Left: Stephen Harper, Felipe Calderón, Barak Obama
A journalist-student of the Prince Arthur Herald of McGill University moreover revealed last week that the Bolivarian Society of Quebec, a local branch of sympathizers with dictators, holds its regular meetings at the CSN in Montreal.

With their communist comrades, our union activists shut their eyes to abuses of the rights of workers.

I am not alone in denouncing Cuban and Venezuelan anti-trade-unionism; so does the Confederation of International Trade Unions (CSI) of which the CSN is however a member!


This gathering of communists and of devils' advocates for the worst dictatorships is organized by International Alternatives, the same organism which financed the Canadian ship for Gaza which never left the Greek islands.

Another workshop of the weekend is called "Against Harper". If they were consistent, our Leftist friends would also denounce the "subsidies of Harper".

In recent years, the Federal Government [of Canada] has contributed over 5 million dollars to "Alternatives" under the rubric of -- hang onto your seats -- "democratic partners".  The Quebec Governement added 1.8 million dollars.  And that's without counting projects currently underway which are costing the Federal Government $769,828 and the Quebec Government $541,340.

And thus our taxes are squandered to fight our democratic and union rights.

Unionized workers, how do you feel about your obligatory union dues being spent to bring in representatives of the torturers of Latin-american trade unionists?

We knew the Quebec Left was against freedom of association for workers. When it participates in circuses like this one organized by "Alternatives", we must admit that it is against freedom, period.

Éric Duhaime

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Un méga-rassemblement de la gauche radicale se tiendra ce week-end à St-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez, dans Lanaudière. Les 17e journées alternatives 2011 proposent une programmation qui étonne.

Au menu, des intervention de notre gauche locale, du nouveau président de la CSN, Louis Roy, au chef de Projet Montréal, Richard Bergeron, en passant par le néo-député néo-démocrate Alexandre Boulerice, sans oublier les représentants de Québec solidaire, de la FTQ et des autres syndicats.


Ce qui choque dans cette conférence sur les droits de la personne, c’est la présence de Leonel Gonzales, coordonnateur des relations internationales du parlement de Cuba et de Theresita Sotolongo Vicente, ambassadrice de Cuba au Canada.

Le conférencier Gonzalez est l’ancien directeur de la Centrale des travailleurs de Cuba, organisation fantoche qui détient le monopole de représentation des travailleurs cubains.

Cuba ne reconnait pas le droit aux négociations collectives, ni à la grève. Les mouvements de travailleurs indépendants sont illégaux. Les vrais leaders syndicaux sont jetés en prison, persécutés ou, au mieux, confinés à la clandestinité.

Plutôt que de dénoncer ces excès, la gauche québécoise invite des autocrates du régime pour dénoncer, avec eux, le capitalisme et chanter l’international communiste, sous la tutelle de la représentante de Castro au Canada.


Ce n’est pas tout. Les activistes gauchistes écouteront aussi Noel Marquez du Conseil des mouvements sociaux de l’ALBA, une organisation créée par Hugo Chavez et Fidel Castro pour diffuser leur idéologie liberticide en Amérique latine, qui entretient des liens avec des groupes terroristes marxistes comme les FARC ou le Sentier Lumineux.

Un journaliste-étudiant du Prince Arthur Herald de l’Université McGill révélait d’ailleurs la semaine dernière que la Société bolivarienne du Québec, une antenne locale des sympathisants de ces dictateurs, tient ses réunions à la permanence de la CSN à Montréal.

Avec les camarades communistes, nos syndicalistes ferment les yeux sur les abus des droits des travailleurs.
C’est pas juste moi qui dénonce l’anti-syndicalisme cubain et vénézuélien mais aussi la Confédération syndicale internationale (CSI) dont est pourtant membre… la CSN!


Ce rassemblement de communistes et de suppôts des pires dictatures est organisé par Alternatives Internationales, même organisme qui finançait cet été le bateau canadien pour Gaza qui n’a jamais quitté les îles grecques.

Un autre atelier du week-end s’intitule « Contre Harper ». S’ils étaient conséquents pour deux cents,  nos amis gauchistes s’élèveraient aussi contre les subventions d’Harper.

Le gouvernement fédéral a versé, ces dernières années, plus de 5 millions $ à Alternatives à titre de, tenez-vous bien, « partenaire démocratique ». Le gouvernement québécois ajoutait 1,8 millions $. Sans compter les projets présentement en cours qui s’élèvent à 769,828$ avec le fédéral et 541,340$  avec Québec.

Notre argent dilapidée à combattre nos droits démocratiques et syndicaux.

Comment trouvez-vous ça, travailleurs syndiqués, de payer des cotisations obligatoires pour inviter les représentants des tortionnaires d’organisations syndicales latino-américaines?

On savait la gauche québécoise contre la liberté d’association des travailleurs. Lorsqu’elle participe à des cirques comme celui d’Alternatives, on doit constater qu’elle est contre la liberté tout court.

KM/HCC 1 September 2011

Saturday, 18 June 2011



Those who follow my posts and blogs will know that I am a proud Canadian. If I have chosen to translate an important document on the infiltration of the Quebec sovereignty movement by communists, written by a fellow Canadian who wrote it plainly as a sovereigntist, it is in part because true patriotism does not exclude an understanding of the patriotism of others. It is also because the well-being of my fellow French Canadians is inextricably linked to the well-being of all of us.

In a culture of freedom, infiltration is the most base treachery. It may rise to treason. The very notion that communists have been able to invade and deform patriotic sentiment in Quebec, or elsewhere in Canada, is an appalling assault upon the right to be a patriot. In honor of freedom, and of true patriots, I dedicate this translation of a report by an author who remains anonymous.
-- Kathleen Moore, Montreal, Canada, 16 June 2011


* The original French title of this piece is « L'Extrême gauche responsable de la déroute du mouvement souverainiste ? » The author is anonymous.


The following document will attempt to demonstrate the influence of the far-left at the heart of the Quebec sovereigntist milieu, and to explain the recent crushing electoral defeat of the Bloc Québécois in favour of Jack Layton’s New Democratic Party.


Gilles DuceppeYouth
Born in 1947, Gilles Duceppe grew up in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve working-class district of Montreal, in accommodations that his family shared with his two grandparents, an uncle and an aunt. He still lives in the area.

His father, the popular actor, Jean Duceppe, had always been involved in politics and trade unionism. During his studies, Gilles will follow in the steps of his father.

His father, Jean Duceppe

Jean DuceppeJean Duceppe, the father of Gilles Duceppe, is a founding member of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP) led by Jack Layton today.

A popular actor, Jean Duceppe was always involved in politics and trade-unionism. The father, like his son, was exceedingly influenced by the ideology of the far-left, to such a point that he was a founding member of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP) in 1961.3 The NDP is that party farthest to the left on the Canadian political chessboard; we will return to it later.

Political Career

Robert BurnsIn 1970, at the age of 23, Gilles Duceppe becomes a member of the Parti Québécois, where he rises rapidly through the ranks to work as political organizer and secretary to candidate Robert Burns, one of seven Parti Québécois nominees who will be elected in April of 1970.

Robert Burns[a] comes from the left-wing of the Parti Québécois and has worked as a technical adviser to La Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN) [b]. In 1966, he is promoted to management of legal services for that trade union.

One can therefore understand why Robert Burns should be the one to take Gilles Duceppe under his wing.

En Lutte !In 1973, three years after joining the Parti Québécois, Gilles Duceppe, who is now 26 years of age, allows himself to be tempted by the radical far-left, first within the newspaper En lutte ![c], (literally, Struggle), then in the Marxist-Leninist Communist League, and then again in the Communist Workers’ Party (PCO).

Françoise David also campaigned at the side of Gilles Duceppe within the En lutte! newspaper (see the section on Québec Solidaire[d]).

In the 1980 referendum, Gilles Duceppe, who was 33 years of age at that time, did not vote “Yes”, because to do so was interdicted by the Communist Workers’ Party (PCO).6 When it came to a choice between the far-left and the independence of the Quebec people, we can therefore see which one took precedence with Gilles Duceppe, and this at an age when his choices cannot be attributed to youthful indiscretion.

From 1983 to 1990, Gilles Duceppe became a union adviser and negotiator at the CSN; this was during the same period as Gérald Larose[e] of the Conseil de la Souveraineté du Québec (CSQ) (i.e., the Quebec Sovereignty Council).7 It was even the same union local as Robert Burns, the man for whom Gilles Duceppe had worked at the Parti Québécois when he was 23.8


Very few people know that for a long while there has been cooperation between the Parti Québécois and the far-left; in fact, this goes right back to the PQ's early beginnings. For example, there was a Conference of the Quebec Left in Montreal on the 20th and 21st of November 1981 which reunited not only none other than the CSN union locals (i.e., Robert Burns), the F.T.Q. and La Centrale des Enseignants du Quebec (C.E.Q.) (i.e, the Quebec Teachers’ Union), but also the New Democratic Party (NDP), the Parti Québécois, and the Communist Party of Québec.9

As concerns the C.S.N., from 1983 to 1999, Gérald Larose, who is president of the Conseil de la souveraineté du Québec, had for some time been president of the Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN).

The links between the sovereigntist milieu and the communist-style far left are still current news because the Communist Party of Québec called upon its sympathisers to massively support the Bloc Québécois during the recent federal elections of May 2nd, 2011:

“The Communist Party of Québec calls for a massive vote for the Bloc Québécois, except in the ridings of Outremont (where the Bloc Québécois has no chance of taking it and where the NDP Member, Thomas Mulcair, deserves to be re-elected); the same goes for the riding of Gatineau-Aylmer where Nicole Turmel, who for many years was a respected union manager, and who, in the last provincial elections had also called for a vote for Québec Solidaire, is also running for the NDP. In these particular federalist ridings, the CPQ would rather call for a vote for the NDP."10
The Communist Party of Québec (CPQ) does publicity for the newspaper Le Québécois, which is run by Patrick Bourgeois.[f] André Parizeau, leader of the Communist Party of Québec[g], was present at the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the newspaper. There is also a link to the Réseau de Résistance du Québécois (RRQ) at their web site.12

Why establish such ties of cooperation if the sovereigntist organizations have no ideological links with the far-left? Who would wish to run the risk of associating himself with an ideology responsible for millions of deaths across the world unless he has the same ideas and goals?


As mentioned above, Gilles Duceppe’s father, Jean Duceppe, was a founding member of the NDP; so was Philippe Vaillancourt, honorary president of the Fédération des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Québec (FTQ) in 1956.13

Today, the NDP is a full member of the Socialist International,14 a globalist political association which brings together socialist and communist parties of all stripes. The Socialist International moreover congratulated the NDP and its leader Jack Layton on their performance during the May 2nd, 2011 federal elections.15

A provincial branch of the NDP has already existed in Québec. The NDPQ (New Democratic Party of Québec) was founded in the 1960s as the result of a concerted effort by the Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec (FTQ), one of the principal workers’ trade union locals in Québec at the time.16

On June 30th, 1963, a provisional organizing committee of the NPDQ was elected, composed of none other than Charles Taylor.17, 18 One and the same Charles Taylor of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission on "reasonable accommodation". Quite a coincidence, no?!

The NDPQ was later merged with the Communist Party of Québec which in turn merged with the Union des Forces Progressiste (UFP) to finally merge with none other than Québec Solidaire.19 Charles Taylor makes no effort to hide it: he had run for the NDP "since the Middle Ages," to borrow his own expression. The Professor wore the NDP’s campaign colors four times in the 1960s. In 1965, he ran for the Liberals, finishing second behind Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the riding of Mount-Royal.20

Without a doubt, politics makes strange bedfellows!

To top it all off, the mysterious NDP constitution is not easily accessible to the public. According to a number of contemporary commentators, journalists and politicians, it is emphatically Marxist-Leninist in inspiration.21, 22, 23, 24


As was said before, Québec Solidaire emerged from a fusion of the New Democratic Party of Quebec and the Communist Party of Quebec.

Amir Khadir, moreover, declared that the rise of the federal NPD was hoped for by a number of "progressive" sovereigntists:

"A strong ascent for the NDP was desired by a number of progressive sovereigntists, including me. But not at the price of sweeping out the Bloc Québécois. Québec Solidaire had moreover called for a vote to support progressive candidates, whether bloquist or new-democrat."25
We are thus not far here from the official position of the Communist Party of Quebec, as cited above.

Does Québec Solidaire have sovereignty at heart, or the promotion of far-left “progressive” ideas?

Also, Françoise David was an activist with the Marxist-Leninist organization, En lutte! from 1977 to 1982.26 The same organization as Gilles Duceppe, and during the same time-frame!

Amir Khadir confirmed his past support for l'Organisation des Moudjahiddines du peuple iranien (OMPI), an Islamic socialist organization devoted to the overthrow of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.27 He also ran under the banner of the Bloc Québécois in 2000.28 If a politician as far left as Amir Kadhir felt so at ease with the Bloc Québécois, there must be a good (ideological) reason?

A number of the adjutants of Québec Solidaire entertain questionable links with far-left microgroups such as anarchists and communists, certain of which are very active in Quebec community groups and college and university student associations.

One of these is Simon Tremblay-Pépin, seen in the photo below in company of Amir Khadir.

Simon Tremblay-Pépin is a strategy adviser of Québec Solidaire (QS) and presented by Françoise David as a pillar of the party.29


In addition to his involvement with Québec Solidaire (QS), Simon Tremblay-Pépin took his doctorate in political science at York University and his journalism degree at UQAM. He was co-editor-in-chief of the satirical newspaper Le Couac, in charge of the political committee of Québec Solidaire, and student representative on the Board of Directors of UQAM. He was a researcher at the Institut de Recherche et d’Information Socio-économique (IRIS) (i.e., Research and Socio-Economic Information Institute).

His militancy does not end with his involvement in Québec Solidaire; Simon Tremblay- Pépin routinely collaborates with extreme-left microgroups, including:

L’Union communiste Libertaire (UCL)
(“The Libertarian communist Union”)

The UCL has its tentacles into a number of regions in Québec, with chapters mainly in Montréal, Québec, and Saguenay. The UCL disseminates its own magazine, Cause Commune, (i.e., Common Cause) promoting communist and anarchist ideology.30 The following collectives, Le Collectif Emma-Goldman and Voix de Faits, are two groups affiliated with the Union communiste Libertaire (UCL).31

The Voix de Faits collective (UCL-Québec)

On March 18, 2011, Simon Tremblay-Pépin took part in a radio conference organized by the Voix de Faits collective, press arm of the anarchist collective La Nuit, the latter an affiliate of the UCL in Québec City.32

Le Collectif Emma Goldman (UCL-Saguenay)

On 21 October 2010, Simon Tremblay-Pépin acted as a panelist at a conference entitled "Liberal Budget: how to make the government retreat?" organized by Le Collectif Emma-Goldman.33

During the conférence organized by Le Collectif Emma-Goldman, in which Simon Tremblay-Pépin took part with other interlocutors plainly affiliated with groups from the extreme-left, we find a certain Étienne David-Bellemare, President of the Syndicat des Étudiants et Étudiantes syndiqué(e)s de l’Université du Québec à (Chicoutimi SEEE-UQAC), and spokesman for Le Collectif Emma-Goldman, both affiliated with the group UCL-Saguenay.34, 35

In addition to his trade union and communist activities, Étienne David-Bellemare is a research assistant with the Canada Research Chair on Democracy and Sovereignty at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. He organized the most recent conference entitled "Secularism and cultural and religious pluralism in Quebec society" which took place from March 29th to 31st, 2011 at UQAC and in which Gérard Bouchard of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission was an invited guest speaker. 36, 37

Étienne David-Bellemare is none other than the son of Françoise David of Québec Solidaire.38 Françoise David had her son Étienne by a first spouse from whom she separated a year after the child's birth.39 It is also interesting to note that Étienne, more radical in his ideas than some of his "comrades in arms," took issue with Patrick Bourgeois, qualifying the latter as a xenophobe promoting primary nationalism.40

As if that were not enough, Simon Tremblay-Pépin and Étienne David-Bellemare are connected in the social network, Facebook:

Ultimately, our research on Simon Tremblay-Pépin led us to discover that he maintains serious links on the social network Facebook with radical groups such as UCL-Québec, UCL-Montréal, Collectif Rebelles (i.e., Rebels Collective), Ya Basta ! (Spanish, roughly meaning "Enough is Enough!"), etcetera. It is impossible to know whether these groups are part of his list of friends, or are merely contacts…

What is Le Collectif Emma-Goldman?41

They define themselves as follows:

"The Emma Goldman anarchist collective is a political organization active in the Saguenay region since 2008. We militate in favour of social combat movements and the emergence of an open and broad libertarian Left. We are affiliated with the Union communiste libertaire (UCL).

The collective seeks to advance the emergence of a radical and incisive fighting Left
. We refuse to be defenceless victims! The flaccidity of the reformists plays the game of the populist right. The era of courtesy is at an end. It is necessary to intensify the criticism of Populism, to assert our rejection of the moral order, of security discourse, of nationalism and militarism. The values of liberty, equality, of sharing and of solidarity must serve as the counterpoise. The status quo is not an option, we should no longer hesitate to act and to be revolutionary and libertarian."
What is the Voix de Faits collective?42

They define themselves like this:


"Voix de faits is the media arm --web and radio-- of the anarchist collective La Nuit (UCL-Québec). Become a fan and follow our Blog with Facebook... [We never cease to forge ahead].

'Voix de faits’ seeks to advance the emergence of a radical and incisive fighting Left. We refuse to be defenceless victims! The flaccidity of the reformists plays the game of the populist right. The era of courtesy is at an end. It is necessary to intensify the criticism of Populism, to assert our rejection of the moral order, of security discourse, of nationalism and militarism. The values of liberty, equality, of sharing and of solidarity must serve as the counterpoise. The status quo is not an option, we should no longer hesitate to be anti-system, révolutionary and libertarian. The libertarian resistance must give itself the means to achieve its ambitions. By implementing a daily political intervention, ‘Voix de faits’ is marching in that direction."
Those are quite the connections for a political party which claims to align itself with the national aspirations of the Québécois! Microgroups that totally reject Nationalism and the Moral Order...

Are we dealing with a single political party that is acting on a number of fronts? In other words, an initial front which consists of allying itself with nationalist movements on the one hand while on the other hand opposing and denouncing the concept of nationalism and its virtues? Are we dealing with a party whose fundamental business is the political infiltration of that to which it is fundamentally opposed?

Finally, Québec Solidaire recently affirmed a wish to marginalize its own "radical left". This is far from being a done deal; worse still, it seems to be part of a strategy of trivialization of their radical wing.43 A number of journalists have come to the same conclusion: Amir Khadir and Françoise David, and their acolytes, are fanatics of the far-left.44, 45, 46, 47


Although not directly involved in the sovereigntist milieux, Gérard Bouchard and Charles Taylor are close to some of the major players directly or indirectly linked to various parties or movements of the far-left.
As said before, Gérard Bouchard co-chaired the Bouchard-Taylor Commission, besides being a professor of sociology at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC), the same University where Étienne David-Bellemare had organized the conference on "Secularism and cultural and religious pluralism in Québéc society" with Gérard Bouchard as a guest speaker.48 This raises serious questions concerning the possible links that may be fostered by these two people in the same establishment.

Is it possible that Étienne David-Bellemare has been taken under the wing of Gérard Bouchard? The question can be seriously posed when one knows that Étienne is the son of such a well known political personality.

As well, it is interesting to note that Gérard Bouchard does not hide his political preference for Québec Solidaire, for during the lecture at McGill University as part of the prestigious "Alan Aylesworth Macnaughton Lecture 2010", he said that throughout the debate on "reasonable accommodation," Québec solidaire was the most "straightfoward" party, thus being the "best behaved" of all Québec's political parties.49

As well, Québec solidaire, through its two spokespersons, approved the full content of the Bouchard-Taylor report the same day of its publication… Could that be just a coincidence?50

And what are we to make of the declaration of Gérard Bouchard to the effect that we must "all together, throw OUR roots onto the next Saint-Jean Baptiste bonfire"?51 It is no secret to anyone that Mr. Bouchard conducted himself like a good "Soviet commissar" during the Commission on reasonable accommodation, dictating to the participants what to say and what to think instead of giving ear to the public's anxiety.52

Moreover, is it possible that Mr. Gérard Bouchard could endorse the militants and ideas of the far-left, notably when we know that the principal organizer of the Symposium comes from such a radical sphere of influence?

Besides, as was said before in the section on the NDP, Charles Taylor was a member of the New Democratic Party of Quebec (NDPQ) and an NDP candidate during the 1960s.53, 54 In fact, Charles Taylor is the political guru of Jack Layton, leader of the NPD.55

During the 2008 federal election campaign, Charles Taylor showed up to support Thomas Mulcair, NDP candidate in the riding of Westmount-Ville-Marie. We see him in this photo beside Julius Grey, a Montreal lawyer renowned for representing a diverse range of legal causes in large part linked to "reasonable accommodation" of a religious nature.56

Are we to deduce that the NDP, like Québec Solidaire, is a party which defends and promotes "open secularism," which consists in supporting religious causes other than Catholic? It is very strange that ex-commissioner Taylor could have been portrayed as an impartial person to act as commissioner, when the NDP party for which he has already run and which he still supports today, is far from promoting "open secularism" for all. . .

Which also leaves substantial room for doubt as to the political preferences of Charles Taylor… who, all in all, never had the impartiality necessary to chair such a commission on "reasonable accommodation".

Finally, it is quite ominous that both leaders of the Bouchard-Taylor commission are so closely involved with the anti-nationalist far-left and with political parties like Québec solidaire and the NDP which promote "open secularism". Can we really count on them to settle the debate on national identity, secularism and reasonable accommodation? The answer is no.


The CÉGEPS were created in 1967 with the passage of Bill 60 in the Quebec National Assembly.

It was also a time of rapid expansion of the Quebec university and college network. The social studies faculties were quick to embrace a vulgarized version of French university Marxism from the 1960s, recycled through countless professors recruited in Europe or via mass-hiring of Quebecers fresh from the mould of their studies in France. This is how an entire generation of young Quebecers was initiated to "Marxism", to "communism" and to "anarchism" through "philosophy" courses dispensed in our collegiate and university institutions.57, 58

Yuri Besmenov, a former Soviet KGB agent, explains to G. Edward Griffin the four stages of ideological subversion. In this short clip, Besmenov explains one of the stages prior to sudden and rapid military overthrow of the target nation: ideological subversion by pumping marxism into one or more generations of students. KM

It is also interesting to note that the former Centrale des Enseignants du Quebec (CEQ), (i.e., Quebec Teachers Union), the principal union of teachers of that era which had participated in the famous "Conference of the Left"59 with the C.S.N. (i.e., Gérald Larose), the F.T.Q. (i.e., the NDPQ), the NDP, the Parti Québécois, and the Communist Party of Québec. As one example of the influence of the far-left in the school system, there was a recent workshop on an introduction to libertarian communism at the Cégep in Alma, Québec with the permission of school management.60, 61 " We never cease to forge ahead. . ."

Quebec universities have not been spared. We can cite one example, the case of David Bellemare, President of the Student and Employees Union of UQAC and Research Assistant for the Canada Chair on Democracy and Sovereignty at the University of Québec at Chicoutimi.62

Considering the political origins of Gilles Duceppe, we are entitled to wonder if the fall of the Bloc was not entirely orchestrated by the Bloc itself with a view to extending the influence of the far-left over English Canada by delivering the keys to political power to the NDP, of which his own father was a founding member. A kind of return to one's sources?

The doubts grow considering the intention to form a coalition with Jack Layton's NDP, a man whom Gilles Duceppe ironically called a "dangerous socialist".63 When one looks at the facts, as Dawson College Professor of History Frédéric Bastien said: "we can better understand the extent to which the Bloc itself sawed off the branch it was seated on".64 Perhaps it's even easier to saw it off by pre-arrangement?

And this, without even taking into account the involvement of the various players, near and far, linked into the sovereignty and independence movements.

In light of all the facts, it becomes hard to think that the far-left and its worthy representatives have been unable to exploit the sovereignist movements at every level of the political classes, by infiltration.

Today we have the sad evidence. . .



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